Underplayed (2020)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 28m

Electronic music was born from the ideals of diversity, community, and inclusivity, and yet in 2019 only five of the top 100 DJs were women. Filmed over the summer festival season and criss-crossing around the world, the feature debut from award-winning documentary filmmaker Stacey Lee provides a platform for a diverse group of established DJs like Alison Wonderland, Sherelle, and REZZ. At the same time, the film amplifies the women operating in the underground scene and honours the trailblazers who went unheralded in their time.

Beautifully shot with intimate access, Underplayed is as revealing as it is poignant. Lee takes us on the personal, inner journeys of so many talented and vibrant women making their mark and rising to the top of their industry, while inspiring a more diverse range of artists for future generations. Perhaps what’s most affecting is how the narratives of each subject — both past and present — eloquently question the social structure of an entire industry. These women are calling for greater gender, racial, and ethnic equality, demanding that the industry becomes more inclusive.

Through the artists paving the way, we experience a tangible shift in the balance of power that will hopefully transcend the electronic music scene, transcend music altogether, and bleed into everyday life.

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Bonus Content

Polka Dot Disco Club on empowering women DJs in Dundee

Members of Polka Dot Disco Club reflect on the gender inequality in the DJ sector and talk about why they created the Dundee collective to support and encourage women to enter to the music industry.

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