The Bike Thief (2020)

  • Drama, Thriller
  • 1h 19m

A London pizza delivery driver (Alec Secareanu from God’s Own Country) spends 24 hours scouring the streets in search of his stolen moped. Without it, the Romanian expat cannot earn a living, could lose his apartment — which is rented to him by his boss — and is unable to take his wife to work or his teenage daughter to school. He tries to ask the few familiar faces for help in this unfamiliar, disorienting city. However, as he runs out of time and his options are wearing thin, his moral compass begins to crack and he grows more and more willing to forgo his conscience in order to save himself and his family.

With its title, premise and naturalistic cinematography, this British drama instantly recalls Vittorio De Sica’s 1948 neorealist classic The Bicycle Thieves. With striking cinematography from Nanu Segal and terrific soundtrack by Young Fathers’ Graham Hastings, writer/director Matt Chambers debut feature is an involving story about surviving in an unforgiving world amid the complexities of the current immigrant experience.


Matt Chambers







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