Supernova (2021)

  • Drama
  • 1h 33m

Sam (Colin Firth) and Tusker (Stanley Tucci), have been together 20 years. As the film opens, the couple is driving through the Lake District in their old camper van en route to reconnecting with friends, family, and old haunts. But this is no ordinary holiday – the pair are still struggling to come to terms with Tusker’s diagnosis of early-onset dementia. Sam has placed his life on hold to act as his partner’s full-time caregiver, and the men’s time together has become especially sacred. This is the last opportunity to travel while Tusker is still able — but along the way secrets are revealed, plans unravel, and their bond undeniably is tested.

Director Harry Macqueen spent years researching and speaking to those affected by early-onset dementia before writing his screenplay. Effective in its simplicity, the story speaks volumes not only about the impact of life-changing illness but about the strengths of love. Cinematographer Dick Pope’s images frame the performers beautifully. Supernova’s power comes from the exceptional chemistry between its two leads – Firth and Tucci have never been better.


Harry Macqueen