Sing Street (2016)

  • Comedy, Drama, Musical, Music
  • 1h 46m

John Carney’s Sing Street beautifully captures how important music can be when you are a teenager, and will resonate volumes for anyone who ever started a band in their youth and thought they were going to change the world. Full of energy and laughs, this is a sweet film with a good heart.

Circa 1980 on the South Side of Dublin, Conor lives with his family in a large Georgian house, but times are tough at home. Not only are his parents fighting all the time but their financial difficulties mean he has to start the year at a new local Synge Street Christian Brothers school. Bullied by both staff and other students, life is pretty rough. But when he meets the beautiful, enigmatic Raphina (Lucy Boynton) everything changes. Desperate to have any excuse to spend time with her, Conor decides to form a band so she can be in their music videos.

With original music composed by Carney and Gary Clark, the band’s songs are pitch perfect, capturing the angst of youth combined with the electro sound of the 1980s. And while it doesn’t shy away from some of the tougher aspects of life in Ireland at the time – economic collapse and unemployment – this is a film which will definitely still put a smile on your face.


John Carney




USA, Ireland, UK

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