Modulations: Cinema For The Ear (1998)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 15m

“We are not entertainers, we are sound scientists” - Kraftwerk

Modulations: Cinema for the Ear has been included in the Re:Sisters programme as a contextual reflection of the time and scene. An artefact in its own right, this archive documentary from 1998 traces the evolution of electronic music. By cutting back and forth between avant-garde composers including Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Afrika Bambaataa, Autechre, Mixmaster Morris and a host of others charting the musical journey through various genres to what we now know as techno. Modulations captures a moment in history where humans and machines are fused to create today’s most exciting sounds.

Featuring a stunning collage of interviews, cutting-edge visuals, in-studio footage, and live performances, this documentary moves at a pace that matches the energy and innovation of the music.

Part of our Re:Sisters season

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Iara Lee




United States

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