Jaws (1975)

  • Adventure, Drama, Thriller
  • 2h 4m

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws more or less single-handedly set the standard for the new Hollywood popcorn blockbuster while frightening millions of moviegoers out of the water.

When body parts wash ashore on Amity Island, Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) must work with ichthyologist Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and flinty old salt Quint (Robert Shaw), the only local fisherman willing to take on a Great White. The trio find themselves being employed to hunt the shark, and, setting out to sea in Quint’s old boat, the Orca, and it isn’t long before they come face to teeth with their subaqueous enemy.

Jaws is one of those films which has been absorbed so completely into pop culture history, that’s it’s easy to forget just how entertaining it is on a purely cinematic level. Filled to the brim with memorable, edge-of-the-seat moments, the film more than earns its status as the granddaddy of modern event films, and wonderfully showcases one of modern American cinema’s greatest working partnerships in Spielberg’s bombastic directing style and John Williams’ genius score.


Steven Spielberg







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