Cats & Dogs (2016)

  • Short, Animation, Family
  • 6min

A dog, a man, a woman, a cat. They all cross paths on the white pages of a book, a timid first encounter that suddenly turns into an argument and then a fight. The man with the pen steps in to keep the peace, elaborating and erasing, but alas, not even he has the situation under control. Better to turn back a few pages in that case. When it comes down to it, everybody has to stick together, if all involved are to remain safe and sound in the end.

In this short animated film we first screened in 2016, we learn that one can’t force a friendship, but an emergency can help build one.

Recommended ages 3+ – cartoon aggression between cat and dog, amicably resolved (and the perils of a big hole in the ground)


Gerd Gockell


Jesús Pérez


No Linguistic Content, Not Applicable


Switzerland, Germany