12 Hour Shift (2020)

  • Horror, Thriller, Comedy
  • 1h 26m

Written and directed by Brea Grant (perhaps best known as an actress on television shows like Heroes and Dexter), this supremely confident film is a riotous pitch-black, grisly delight.

Angela Bettis (May) is wonderful as Mandy, the exasperated, delightfully sardonic nurse whose titular shift the film follows the course of. It’s not just her lack of patience and colourful language that distinguishes Mandy from Mother Theresa; she also steals medication to feed her own habit, and has a sideline of smuggling organs from the hospital with her livewire cousin (a memorable supporting turn from Chloe Farnworth).

When she starts her shift, little does Mandy know that the next 12 hours will find her grappling with not only the unwanted presence of her unhinged cousin, but also the arrival of an injured convict (complete with inconvenient police escort) and the small matter of a missing kidney. With cameos from producer David Arquette and WWE’s Mick Foley, this laugh-out-loud dark comedy is a treat for genre fans.


Brea Grant




United States

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